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Our high quality security and patrol services and attention to detail will ensure protection and fortify your environment. The competency of our standing guard and patrol security team, and experience in advanced security will give you peace of mind. We offer personal surveillance and monitoring services to the Sacramento, CA region including Carmichael, Granite Bay, Roseville, and West Sacramento.

Our Security Services Include:

  • Marked Vehicle Patrol
  • Uniformed, Unarmed, Standing Guard
  • Bike Patrol
  • On-Call Response
  • Alarm Response
  • GPS Monitoring Available
  • Location Pagers &/or Cell Phone Coverage
  • Reflective Job-Site Security Signs at No Extra Cost
  • Log Reports
  • And many more value-added services

Green Valley Security Inc Offers Various Options in Security Coverage Associated with the Following:

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  • Apartments - Depending on the geographical scale of your facility, choices include vehicle, foot, or bike patrol with further security enhancements, based on your specific site requirements.
  • Parks & Recreation - Usually includes a marked vehicle patrol or foot patrol for property monitoring. Often times, security detail includes the locking and unlocking of gates, restrooms and other facilities enforcing posted hours of operation.
  • Residential Industries - Whether you're a representative for a private community, gated community or a country club, security services are community-based and entail either standing guards, such as in a guard shack, or active patrol, such as roaming foot or vehicle patrol.
  • Federal, State & County - These job types include both exterior perimeter patrol, as well as internal standing guards, such as security gate monitors, video monitors, personnel check, visitor checks, and site evaluations.
  • Gated Communities, Home Owners Associations & Country Clubs - Our officers help to assure the safety and security of your community by monitoring community based regulations, minor traffic control/violations, visitors or any other customer specific request.
  • Fire Watch - Includes property, building or inventory watch based on an existing fire hazard or lack of appropriate equipment installation.
  • Commercial & Industrial Businesses - Includes retail facilities as well as new construction, equipment, materials, buildings, inventory watch and much more.

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